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Three women. Four lives. One raunchy, dirty and violently hilarious night.


A woman's frantic search for lost keys sheds light on a series of mishaps and misunderstandings; a gorgeous housewife, locked in her apartment by her jealous husband, finds a startling new solution to the problems in her life; Alice falls down the rabbit hole to discover a salacious twist in Wonderland; and an (ahem) unconventional bedtime story features an evil dwarf, an innocent girl, and a foul-mouthed rag-doll.


A rowdy evening of theatre, All This Flying, All This Tumbling Down features A Woman Alone, Rise and Shine, Alice in Wonderless Land and We All Have the Same Story.


Playwright Dario Fo, recipient of the 1997 Nobel Prize for Literature, and performer Franca Rame are two of the most important voices to come out of Italy in the past century. These four monologues, by turns viciously comic and deeply moving, represent the pinnacle of their theatrical collaboration. For mature audiences only. All This Flying, All This Tumbling Down is touring around the Boston Metro area at various venues.

All This Flying, All This Tumbling Down

by Dario Fo & Franca Rame

translations by Gillian Hanna & A. Nora Long

Whistler in the Dark Theatre

2006 @ venues all around Boston​

"The show works surprisingly well in the informal atmosphere of a nightspot. Fo would approve."


Will Stackman, Theater Mirror

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