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Every time I sing this song, I hope it's the last time...

So says The Poet as she digs deep to tell and retell Homer's epic story of war, honor, violence and the Greek siege of the city of Troy. Maybe if she tells the story one more time, the violence will end. Laced with dark humor, biting pathos and epic storytelling, An Iliad is a stunning and moving examination of the cost of war and the true meaning of honor.

An Iliad

by Denis O'Hare and Lisa Peterson

Opera House Arts

2016 @ The Stonington Opera House

Opera House Arts’ production of “An Iliad” is a triumph for Boston-based actress Marianna Bassham and musician Anthony Colin Leva, whose use of the upright bass to score the play and create sound effects is amazing and effective. By reconfiguring the Opera House from a proscenium into a three-quarter round space, director Meg Taintor creates a town square atmosphere that works perfectly for this.


Bangor Daily News <read here>

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