A Collaborators' Statement


  • We agree that we respect each other as artists and as people. We agree to show that respect in word and action.

  • We agree to respect the safety of the artists and the audience. We agree to take care of each other.

  • We agree to create a unique theatrical experience for each show we produce - in doing so, we will push our own limits to keep exploring the unknown.

  • We agree that the work begins once we can free ourselves from the page. To that end, we agree to enter each rehearsal process as off-book as possible.

  • We agree not to say “no”. Or, to put it another way, we agree to consider anything. Not only do we agree to consider anything, we agree to fully invest in the choices we consider.

  • We agree that the exploration of each project continues through and beyond opening night. To that end, we agree to continue working collaboratively on each project throughout the performance run.

  • We agree to honor the audience by asking them to work along with us.

  • We agree to discuss our differences directly with each other in private. To that end, we agree to speak up when something is wrong.

  • We agree that we cannot do it alone. We agree that we need each other.

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