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Stage Productions.


The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up

By Carla Ching

Kitchen Theatre Company

Ithaca, NY

An Iliad

By Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare

Opera House Arts

"...Opera House Arts’ production of “An Iliad” is a triumph for Boston-based actress Marianna Bassham and musician Anthony Colin Leva.... Director Meg Taintor creates a town square atmosphere that works perfectly for this."

--Bangor Daily News


By Nicolas Billon

Apollinaire Theatre Company

"Taintor demonstrates that her taste for heightened language, stylized design, and plays that demand active engagement from the audience remains robustly intact."

--The Arts Fuse

Henry IV, part 1

By William Shakespeare

Femina Shakes, Boston University

Far Away

By Caryl Churchill

Whistler in the Dark

"Meg Taintor is the perfect traveling companion on a journey through this script. ... Taintor (and Churchill) invite the audience to be an active collaborators in the piece.


The After-Dinner Joke

By Caryl Churchill

Whistler in the Dark

Our Country's Good / The Recruiting Officer

By Timberlake Wertenbaker and George Farquhar​

Tales from Ovid

By Ted Hughes, adapted by Meg Taintor​

Whistler in the Dark/ArtsEmerson

"Whistler director Meg Taintor has turned to air for her version of Ted Hughes' rawly lyrical translation.  And with the simplest of means ... she and her cast wreak a small, yet mysterious, miracle unlike anything I think Boston's fringe has ever seen."

--The Hub Review


By Caryl Churchill 

Whistler in the Dark

"I don’t think anybody else is as well equipped to handle Churchill’s complex narratives, sense of mystery, and large themes. ...under Meg Taintor’s flawless direction of a fantastic ensemble..., the Whistlers draw out Churchill’s themes of broken homes, change, generation gaps, unhappiness, happiness, child abuse, oppression, and contemporary serfdom in Thatcherite England."

--Boston Lowbrow

Dogg's Hamlet; Cahoot's Macbeth

By Tom Stoppard

Whistler in the Dark

The Europeans

By Howard Barker

Whistler in the Dark

"...this thoughtful production provides more proof that Taintor and her talented company has a keen eye and ear for the poetry and passion of this difficult but fascinating playwright"


Family Stories

By Biljana Srbljanovic

Whistler in the Dark

"...So let's just say that if you're the type that likes reaching your own conclusions about a play, and you're up for violent confrontation - at least of the theatrical sort - then Whistler in the Dark is for you."

--Hub Review (read article here)

One Flea Spare

By Naomi Wallace

Whistler in the Dark

"This production, directed by Meg Taintor, is spare, but fully realized ... One Flea Spare is as hot and urgent as any fever--a riveting theatrical triumph."

--The Edge (read article here)

In On It

By Daniel MacIvor

Whistler in the Dark

" Meg Taintor can always make a tough text soar."

--Boston Lowbrow 

The Bacchae

By Euripides, a new translation by Francis Blessington

Whistler in the Dark

"director Meg Taintor and her five performers surround and enrich the text with rhythmic movement, chant, and song. The Bacchae ... blossoms into what it should be: an incantatory, involving experience that has as much to do with the soul as with the stage. It's not going too far - and it's not an empty joke - to call it a religious experience."

--Boston Globe

Mary's Wedding

By Stephen Massicotte

Whistler in the Dark

" Meg Taintor can always make a tough text soar."

--Boston Lowbrow 


By Snoo Wilson

Whistler in the Dark

All This Flying, All This Tumbling Down

By Dario Fo & Franca Rame

Whistler in the Dark

The Possibilities

By Howard Barker

Whistler in the Dark

Selected Readings & Workshops

The Weir

Adapted from the novel by Ruth Moore

Staged Reading Series: March 2016

Opera House Arts

a devised piece


Charlestown Working Theater

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