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Far Away

by Caryl Churchill

Whistler in the Dark Theatre

2014 @ The Charlestown Working Theatre

If it's a party, then why was there so much blood?

While staying with her aunt and uncle in the country, young Joan wakes in the night and sees the stuff of nightmares. Or does she? How much does she really understand of what she sees?


Years later, Joan is a fighter in a resistance movement - where the whole world is at war with itself. The cats have come in on the side of theFrench and the Bolivians have weaponized gravity.


Permeated with paranoia and fear, Far Away shows us a funhouse mirror reflection of our world, a dystopian society where unspeakable horrors take place just offstage and the moral compass is shattered.


By turns lyrical and prosaic, terrifying and shot through with a dark glinting humor, this fable of a society (and a planet) turning on itself is the work master playwright and political thinker at her best.

Meg Taintor is the perfect traveling companion on a journey through this script. ... Taintor (and Churchill) invite the audience to be an active collaborators in the piece.

~ EdgeBoston (read full review)

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