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by Caryl Churchill

Whistler in the Dark Theatre

2012@ The Factory Theatre


  • Hubbie Award Best Ensemble and Best Production

"You've got to plunge in - what else are you going to do?"

Set in England’s Fen Country, this gripping work by Caryl Churchill interrogates the life of longing.


A community of working-class women, each fighting to carve her way in life, teeter between selfless adherence to duty and self-abnegation. In a time and place where roles are prescribed and fixed and power is ascribed to the few, four generations of women battle for fulfillment and survival.

"Fen and A Number are just the kind of work one expects to see produced by the Whistlers and I don’t think anybody else is as well equipped to handle Churchill’s complex narratives, sense of mystery, and large themes. Fen is the superior work and here, under Meg Taintor’s flawless direction of a fantastic ensemble..., the Whistlers draw out Churchill’s themes of broken homes, change, generation gaps, unhappiness, happiness, child abuse, oppression, and contemporary serfdom in Thatcherite England."

- Boston Lowbrow (read full review)

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