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Henry IV part 1

by William Shakespeare

Femina Shakespeare Ensemble

2014 @ Boston University

The better part of valor is discretion.

Prince Hal, son of Henry IV, is squandering his life among the whores, boozers and petty rogues of Eastcheap - and the greatest of these rogues is the fat knight, Sir John Falstaff, a liar, glutton, lecher, cheat, braggart, fool and sponger who also possesses wit, warmth, intelligence and a gigantic sense of fun. But war threatens to shake the land as a nationwide rebellion foments, led by the Duke of Northumberland and his charismatic son, Hotspur.


BU’s all-female Femina Shakespeare troupe tackles the Bard’s most popular play during his lifetime – the story of King Henry IV and his slacker son Prince Hal – for their fifth anniversary season.


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