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It’s been a year since Henry IV gained his throne, and the King is not having an easy time of it. Rebellion is brewing: his former allies have banded together with some of his worst enemies and are working against him. Not only that, but his heir, Hal, is happiest hanging out in taverns with petty thieves, drunkards, and the gloriously dissolute Falstaff.


Shuttling between dingy alehouse and cloistered court, Henry IV chronicles Prince Hal’s moving journey as a prodigal son who must learn to become a man and a king.


This production, laced with live music, dance and furious battle scenes, features six actors playing more than thirty roles in a fast-paced adaptation of the Bard’s most popular play during his lifetime.

Henry IV

by William Shakespeare

Adapted and directed by Meg Taintor

Scenic Design: Robin Vest

Lighting Design: Brian J. Lilienthal

Costume Design: Chelsea Kerl

Music Director: Jordan Palmer

Opera House Arts

2017 @ The Stonington Opera House

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