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“That was the place you were homesick for, even when you were there.”

~ Epigram from Ruth Moore’s The Weir

Hailed as “New England’s only answer to Faulkner,” beloved Maine author Ruth Moore filtered personal and family histories through her vibrant imagination to create masterful snapshots of life in Maine. Her intimate knowledge of those living and working on the islands Down East gives her wide-ranging stories an authentic voice. Through the struggles and triumphs of the characters who fill them, we see a world that is completely of its time and also surprisingly contemporary.


This summer, these portraits leap off the page and onto the Opera House stage in a celebration of story-telling and place that is touching, funny, sometimes nostalgic, and always vividly alive.

I Have Seen Horizons

Ruth Moore's Stories from Maine

by Meg Taintor and Natalya Baldyga

Based on the writings of Ruth Moore

"The stories have been adapted for the stage by Meg Taintor, who has managed to preserve not only the complex themes of Moore’s stories, but the beautiful language she used to tell them."
"One has to believe that Ruth Moore ... would have been thrilled with this wonderful play."


The Ellsworth American <read here>

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