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When Mary and Charlie, filled with the passion, vulnerability, and impulsiveness of youth, unexpectedly find one another sheltering in a barn during a thunderstorm, a tentative love is born. But the year is 1914, and Mary and Charlie must surrender their love and fate to the uncertainties of their tumultuous times.


A play with a heart as big as the land that serves as its backdrop, Mary’s Wedding is a wonderfully tender, poignant story of innocent first love and the vicissitudes of fate.

Mary's Wedding

by Stephen Massicotte

Whistler in the Dark Theatre

2008@ The Boston Center for the Arts

"The simplicity of the staging lets us focus on these two people in love; the larger meaning of their story is there for us to contemplate, if we will, but it is not forced on us. Two people fall in love, and one must go off to war. It's an old story, to be sure, but here it is also, as it must be every time there is another Mary and another Charlie, a story that is once again told anew."


Boston Globe <read here>

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