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One Flea Spare is Naomi Wallace's searing and lyrical exploration of the politics of compassion in the year of the plague. On the last day of their quarantine, a wealthy couple's house is invaded by two strangers - a sailor and a girl who might not be what she seems - and so they must begin another month of quarantine...together. Watched over by their jailer, these four with nothing in common must find a way to survive both the plague and each other. Alliances and betrayals, bargains and games.

Presented in the intimacy of the Factory Theatre, One Flea Spare provides a darkly poetic look at a world where the Plague has leveled class distinctions and left the survivors free to invent their own rules and codes.

One Flea Spare

by Naomi Wallace

Whistler in the Dark Theatre

2010@ The Factory Theatre


  • Hubbie Award Best Performance (Ben Chase)

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