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Our Country's Good

by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Whistler in the Dark Theatre

2013@ The Charlestown Working Theatre

Australia 1789. Eight months by ship from England, the British penal colony at Sydney is struggling to find its way. In a new world that resists all the rules of the Old World, a young lieutenant sets out to direct the first antipodean theatrical production - George Farquhar’s Restoration comedy, The Recruiting Officer. But with only two copies of the play and a (mostly illiterate) cast of convicts, the conditions are hardly ideal.

Even better? His leading lady is bound for the gallows. 

performed in rep with


The Recruiting Officer

by George Farquhar


Filled with dashing rakes and lusty wenches, military maneuvers and lovers in disguise, ladies in britches and dudes kissing dudes, Farquhar’s 1706 comedy The Recruiting Officer is a lustful, bawdy and robust exploration of the lengths we’ll go to win - both in life and love.

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