I can't remember when I fell in love with photography...

...I just know it happened.


 I loved the idea that by working with composition and point of view I could try to capture and then share my idea of beauty. And of course, this love started to overlap with my life in the theatre.


Creating theatre can be a little like sculpting in snow - a work exists for a painfully brief time. And the means to record this work - video or still photography - make it challenging to capture what was there. I love this challenge. I love to be in a room with artists, trying to figure out the composition that will allow the viewer to see the work as I experience it in the room. Frequently this means lying down on the floor or racing around the theatre, trying to be in the right place at the right time.

As a director and producer, I see a lot of headshots. But most of the headshots I see don't do any justice to the actors they represent. Because actors are fascinating: challenging, sexy, smart, wonderfully independent people. But most headshots don't capture any of this fierce individuality. So I started taking headshots. And I discovered how much I enjoy working with actors to create images that are beautifully uniquely them.


Who knows where this will lead...

Production shots
production shots
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