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The After-Dinner Joke

by Caryl Churchill

Whistler in the Dark Theatre

2013@ The Charlestown Working Theatre

No no no no no, I'm not getting political, no--

Young, idealistic Selby wants to "do good" so she quits her secretarial job in a large corporation and begins to work for that corporation's charity branch. As she negotiates her new world of the business side of charity, she plunges into an Alice-in-Wonderland-like adventure - and embarks on a quest to separate politics from charity.


Originally written for television, The After-Dinner Joke was first aired on BBC 1 in 1978. 35 years later, Caryl Churchill's wicked satire of the politics of charity andthe absence of charity in politics has lost none of its relevancy or bite.


Whistler's five-actor cast takes on the more than 60 characters and 50 locations in an anarchic, Monty Python-inspired whirlwind.


You never knew how much fun disillusionment could be!

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