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One of the best examples of Howard Barker's theatre of catastrophe, The Possibilities are well established in the international theatre repertoire. Consisting of a series of ten pieces on irrationality and the limits of logic, it portrays a set of characters that act against their own interests, but in doing so both refine and complicate their humanity. It is a piece that raises far more questions than it answers, and it is at the same time absurd, compassionate, harrowing, funny, brutal and ultimately unforgettable... 

The Possibilities

by Howard Barker

Whistler in the Dark Theatre

2006 @ The Charlestown Working Theater

  • Eliot Norton Awards nomination: Outstanding Production Fringe Theatre

" "The Possibilities" is electrifying theater, quite possibly the first must-see production of 2006.
That isn't meant as a snub to the other fine work on our local stages, but in terms of theatrical impact and sheer guts "The Possibilities" easily elbows aside the competition."


Boston Globe

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