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Core Values


Collaboration and Ensemble

We believe that collaboration is vital to our work and that collaboration thrives at its greatest when sustained relationships are pursued. We are an ensemble of artists working to find a shared voice, both physical and verbal, that serves as the foundation for all of the work we do. We are all co-creators and co-owners of our work.



We love what we do - and we believe that the work is best served when that love is apparent. We are committed to creating the highest caliber work through an open and joyful process.



We hold our art and by connection ourselves to a high standard - judged by our goals established within the process and how well we meet them, not necessarily the end product.



We commit ourselves to approaching all aspects of our work from an environmentally-conscious perspective. We strive to constantly reduce our impact on the environment and thereby model a theatre of environmental mindfulness and sustainability.


We approach this commitment through a variety of practices, from minimalist and largely recycled scenic and design elements, to reducing our paper waste through use of online programs and tickets.

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