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Whistler in the Dark Theatre

From 2005-2014, Whistler in the Dark Theatre was an ensemble theatre company based in Boston, Massachusetts that created intimate productions celebrating the transformative power of theatre. 

In 2018, the company reorganized as a loose constellation of artists, committing to exploring new ways to collaborate across geographic distances.


Whistler in the Dark Theatre produces highly theatrical and physically inventive plays that question and challenge our assumptions about the world in which we live and the rules we live by.




Whistler is a playground, a place for artists to come together and create work that strips away the extraneous trappings of the traditional art form to create fresh, immediate and intimate productions. Playful imagination mixes with poetic text and draws audiences and artists into a shared playing space where the play is reinvigorated through the storytelling.




  • A loose collective of artists working together as an ad hoc ensemble – growing through working together despite living in geographically remote areas.

  • A work cycle that involves project development over long periods of time, with concentrated work immersions in periodic bursts.

  • The evolution of a touring circuit for work – a path by which projects can begin in one location and travel through a set series of communities to develop an audience as dispersed as the ensemble is.


One of Boston's smartest and most inventive companies.

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